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For Entrepreneurs, 45 Is The New 25

The “Over 45’s Entrepreneur Club" is an exclusive international business club focused on over 45”s that are skyrocketing their businesses.  Harnessing the enormous talent and experiences of The Vintage Entrepreneur looking to start up or build on an already successful business. Networking events, mentorship, access to investors and special deals, are just some of the perks that we are offering to our members. 

Vintage Events 2021


24 June 2021 "How to Create Massive Impact for You and Your Team" at 6 PM UK time

Nigel Risner - Business speaker of the year from three CEO Groups, Communications Expert and Motivational Speaker


29 July 2021 "Thriving in a World of Uncertainty" at 6 PM UK time

Campbell Macpherson - International Business Adviser, Keynote Speaker, and Author of The Change Catalyst and The Power to Change


30 September 2021 "Public Relations" at 6 PM UK time

Islay O'Hara - Public Relations Consultant, Personal Branding & Reputation, Thought Leadership, Public Speaker, Fundraising, Co-Host Business Diaries Podcast


28th October 2021 "How to Implement Necessary Change - the Right Way" at 6 PM UK time

Paul Taylor - Chair and NED, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Lecturer, Author and speaker on change of management, freelancing and technology. Author of book called „So you want to go contracting?“




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Elena Tvoroskaya, Vintage Entrepreneur Member

An International online networking club to solve an International problem of ageism in business is a cool thing, so I joined and I am pleased I did! I haven’t been disappointed with the support and the interaction with other members.

testimonial 1.jpg

Zac Carter, Vintage Entrepreneur


I've always had a yearning to start my own business. I'm a strong believer in education founded in real-world dynamics, outside of the school style fact and exam-based learning that tends to stifle creativity. Ultimately I think everyone should be running their own business if they have the chance and this idea of 'young and aggressive wins the race usually results in a fairly unhelpful culture that breeds attitudes of selfishness and deceit. The reality is that as we mature we see more opportunities and how to serve communities with better products or services to enhance customers' life journeys.