The Vintage Platform - ViTa !

A challenge to Ageism and its continued existence

The staffing of many employers is far off 100% despite an increase in the number of job seekers and companies looking for employees. There are many reasons that can be debated but the one I would like to focus on is ageism - discrimination of a person by age. This happens because of the abundance of stereotypes and prejudices that surround

older workers: they are allegedly unable to take on new skills, will come to you with a history of chronic professional burnout and will generally avoid work as they sleep walk their way to retirement. None of which is true, but perception is a powerful convincer and a convenient one if employers just like the idea of taking on young staff.

A rethink of attitudes towards older candidates, freelancers and founders is long overdue.

This well-worn antiquated stereotype can and will be broken down by the right management attitude and motivation of the older worker marketplace. Vintage Entrepreneur is launching The Vintage Talent platform ViTa (which means life in Latin) in the Uk where the older wealth creator can showcase their experience age! and skill set with pride. ViTa will assist their platform users to attract attention to their readiness to work parttime fulltime freelancer time or as a founder all the time!

ViTa will show that :

🔹 A person over the age 45 can have as much internal motivation for continuous development as someone younger and will learn no more slowly than their younger counterpart.

🔹 The cause of burnout is not age, but chaotic management. The young employee and the “old person” actually have the same chance to burn out

🔹 Older people have an willingness to lead an active life. Look at what Tom Cruise is up to at the age 60. Have you seen his latest photos!)

The work life balance of an over 45-year-old shifts back towards work, their children are adults and independent, and their personal and everyday lives are well-established.

A multi-age team has undeniable advantages. The diversity of views and points of view helps to find the right, often unique solutions, better understand the target audience that the business wants to reach and stimulates creativity. The versatility of experience contributes to the development of employees, the construction of mentoring and mentoring systems. In such a team, a friendly, family atmosphere of support and care is often formed so why is it then that when an older worker leaves they are often replaced with a younger version?

The employment and Investor market should embrace and energise the older worker and in doing so reap the rewards and ViTa has been established to help achieve this.

Check the website below and register your interest for the forthcoming launch.

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