Who Are Vintage Entrepreneur ?

Vintage Entrepreneur is a company created to support the over 45's in all things necessary to assist them in their entrepreneurial lives. V.E through it's exclusive over 45's Entrepreneur Club "The O45E Club" provide access to a monthly International member networking facility ,live deal club and direct Investor Introductions and much more to achieve the club's mission statement of motivating and energising this wealth creating demographic.We are club that welcomes serial entrepreneurs new entrepreneurs professionals ,late starters 2nd lifers and early retirees all of whom have a lot more future in them than they are given credit for. Our vision is to bring people together online from anywhere in the world to share experiences and develop positive working relationships. 


The Company HO is based in London UK  but members from all over the World are welcome to join.

Please navigate the website to learn more about the Company and feel free to make contact with us with any suggestions or observations.